Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Child's Play

Came across this silliness on my computer from last year... here I am in a dress I found in the kids department while out thrifting. No, I didn't actually wear this little ensemble out in public, just apparently had the free time to clown around in this.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My 1960s Paper Dress

What an incredible birthday gift I received recently from my husband....an original paper dress from the 1960s- 1966 to be exact! Part of the reason I've been absent lately is that I've been working on a series of articles I am contributing to a new volume of fashion textbooks. I wrote an entry on paper dress of the 1960s and thus when my husband located one of the original dresses produced by Scott Paper Company on eBay, he grabbed it for me!

Wondering what paper dresses are all about? I know I wrote the entry but I'm still slammed :) so check out here and here to learn more. I will say that the dresses are surprisingly sturdy. Please pardon the fold lines as its been folded up for almost 50 years!

"Paper Caper By SCOTT."  "Your Paper Caper is an all-paper dress and is intended for one time wear only. It is flame resistant but washing, dry cleaning, or soaking will make the dress dangerously flammable when dry." 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Frugal Girl's Guide to Tree-trimming

This will be my husband and I's first Christmas together and we don't have a go-to stash of Christmas decorations and ornaments. I can't bear the thought of purchasing these items at full retail so- I challenged myself to see if we could actually decorate a tree using only items already in the house. I felt confident that if we could stick to whites/silver/gold we couldn't mess up too bad! ( I must reveal that we did already own a few special ornaments and the pretty angel topper- a gift from Therese.)

Garland= alternating rows of old thrifted lace trim and rows of broken necklaces
Ornaments= existing + metallic drink umbrellas, jewelry (pearls, pendants, brooches, earrings) using a pack of dollar store ornament hooks, fake roses, white feathers from an old hat
Tree skirt= a thrifted 80s full-skirted tulle dress  
Presents under the tree= sequin pillows and a Victorian-look collage chest (holds our DVDs!)

-Bride & groom ornament for our 1st Christmas (a gift from The Wilson's)
-A cameo from a thrifted dress gets new life adorning a tree branch 
-Metallic drink umbrellas in gold/silver/greens add much needed glitz and glimmer
-Vintage silhouette pictures (a gift from my Aunt Sandy) re-purposed from wall to tree hanging

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Beales of Mobile: Part II

Hi Guys,

Sorry posting has been so scant lately! I have been (and will be) extremely busy with work projects until the end of the year so there will likely be minimal posts until I get a moment to breathe. For now, here are some fun photo mementos from my trip to Mobile and visit with my friend Mary at her shop Mary Parker Antiques. Fun, feathery hats, furs, and even an old newspaper from 1918...