Monday, April 30, 2012


On my days off, I always look for the most comfy, easiest thing I can throw on... I just want to get out of the house as quick as I can and walk around beautiful Savannah!

So I have quite a few of these Hanes men's v-necks-
I consider these staples and I love wearing them around- but even that gets old- and the heat here lately makes sleeveless tops a better option! So, armed with a pair of scissors and two black shoelaces my husband tried to throw out the other day, I altered it a bit.


After cutting the sleeves shorter and the v-neck off, I just gathered the fabric on each shoulder together and tied in a bow with the laces.
That's it.

Sorry I look so sad in this shot- maybe it was the sudden rain outside that forced us in! So instead of seeing playclothes having fun outside you get a boring wall and carpet backdrop :(

Outfit details:
T-shirt- Hanes (altered & embellished)
Play shorts- Forever 21
Black patent baby sandals- Belk
Nail color- Urban Outfitters "crowded"
Heart sunglasses- I forgot (old)!

What's your favorite DIY T-shirt idea you've seen or done?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sixties Smoke Rings

Yesterday while antiquing, I came across this magazine ad from the 1960s demonstrating all the ways to wear a Smoke Ring.
In case your wondering, a Smoke Ring is a continuous piece of silk that can be worn around the neck and on the head in a variety of ways...

Wondering about the name?Consider if you will, how delicately smoke takes on various shapes- from rings to ribbons and so on...

(Alice in Wonderland caterpillar)

I think my favorite way to wear a Smoke Ring is the suit filler idea shown above. I've done this type of look before with a regular silk scarf the same color as my outfit (I just placed it inside the top of my maxi dress that was too low cut). Comes in pretty handy to cover up a bit when wearing a very low cut top!
My Aunt Sandy remembers my grandmother wearing one of these in the 60's- she always liked to wear hers as a head scarf like in the image above. In fact, I have a beautiful ombre yellow smoke ring that was my grandmothers. This one below was also hers and belongs to my sister.

To update, try wrapping it around and around, to hide the elastic band of your ponytail. It can also easily become a headband if you twist the excess around a bun.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to adding jewels and jewelry... from brooches to clip-ons...and beyond!
What's your favorite way pictured here to wear it?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thrifting Adventures: Vintage Shoes

Out and about today (and very recently) I've come across lots of beautiful/cool vintage shoes....

But much to my dismay, they aren't ever my size! If you wear size 7.5 or smaller, consider yourself lucky!

The inside of them are usually just as beautiful...

Im always tempted to buy vintage shoes just for decoration, but then again my new "leaf" I'm trying to turn over is not to keep buying knick-knacks (or "sit-arounds" as my husband calls them).
By the way, my husband has grown to HATE Thrifting! I don't know if it's that he just pretended to enjoy it to woo me OR it could be that it's a time investment as I dig and scavenge through everything, leaving no stone unturned.

My thrift buddy is my Aunt Sandy because she likes to DIG and she's committed to the hunt. She's always up for it- a true thrift soldier!

(the shopping cart is her horse)...
Do you like "digging" through stuff while Thrifting?
Or do you pass on those types of shops or areas of the store?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Satin Ribbon Lash Luxury

So I was feeling experimental one night recently and got this idea of cutting a satin ribbon to create faux false lashes!

All I did was take a razor blade and start shredding the ribbon. The pieces came out looking like false lash strips which is where I got the notion to do this look. I applied the strips with lash adhesive- not incredibly effective for long wear but I think works fine for photos.

I kind of like the Twiggy-esque look of this for dramatic bottom lashes.... kind of a neat (and frugal) alternative to using up lots of false lashes if you want to have fun with 60s makeup looks for photos.

This was really just a thrown together look.... I touched up my eyes with shadow to finish it off.

So what had me playing with ribbon in the first place is a tip I found in this book:

That being- in the 1950s, Elizabeth Arden recommended "velvety lashes"- a look to be achieved by scraping a velvet ribbon with a razor blade and then apply by rolling your mascara wand into it and then onto the lashes.

When I read this I didn't have a velvet ribbon on hand so I haven't tried it yet but as you see I got another idea from the satin ribbon.

Retro Makeup by Lauren Rennells is honestly a must-have book for anyone who wants step by step instructions for recreating a vintage makeup look. It's filled with TONS of images and I love that there are lots of examples and interesting tid-bits that are lesser known. Even if you know a bit about vintage makeup already, you will find this book useful. To date it's really the best vintage makeup guide book I've found. (Emphasis on guide here because unlike lots of others out there this book will show you how to achieve the looks and give you the context).

More info available on the book here.

Also, Lauren has an awesome vintage beauty blog that I follow that you will want to check out if you love vintage makeup and hair- Bobby Pin Blog.

If anyone tries this with velvet ribbon let me know how it turns out!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fantasy Friday

I am totally swooning over these colored wedding (yes I said wedding!) dresses by Japanese designer Stella de Libero! These frothy macaroon-colored confections recall French frivolity at its finest in the manner of Marie Antoinette....

I absolutely love the styling- right down to the wigs and hair pieces! 

 And how gorgeous are these sets? Just goes to show you what home magazines already know... loads of fresh flowers do wonders for a photo!

Love the modern-day Versailles backdrop....

Scenes from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette (2006):

Images via:
Wedding Inspirasi 
Wedding Inspirasi 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifted Thursdays

Recent finds from thrifting excursions....

 Love the pretty blue ribbon on this! I will keep it just like it is!
(By the way that's our patio in the background!)

I couldn't resist this cute little silver purse with elephant closure.... perfect for strapping on and hitting the cobblestone in Savannah! 

I love the the ribbed silver fabric... reminds me of all the adorable vintage dress sandals I seem to always see when thrifting that are never my size like these!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Was feeling kind of 20s today...

 Having to wear all black to work requires some imagination when getting dressed if you don't want to find yourself stuck in your typical "uniform" of black pants and top! 

This is when things started to get pretty interesting.....
Yeah.....things can get really silly when your trying to model and you're NOT one, and you don't know what to do!

Top- thrifted
Skirt- vintage (gift from Fran Prince)
Earrings- vintage art deco clip-ons (Mary Parker Antiques)
Headband- stolen from Heather Snover 
Riticule purse- vintage (gift)
Thigh highs- Fredericks
T-strap heels- Madden Girl @DSW

Photos by Dylan Wilson

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY modern 1930s nails: part 2

As a follow up to my post on how to do a modern update on the 1930s half moon manicure,  here are some other color combos that I've tried and liked. (I'm also dying to try out white and black as in the image above, however applying the white takes more time and precision- more on that later). For now, some recommendations for the easy glitter route....

Left to right:

Mac Turnelle (or any deep black)/ LA colors Art deco in silver (best deal at dollar tree)

Essie chinchilly (or OPI french quarter for your thoughts)/ wet and wild party of five glitters

Mary Kay plush plum/ Lancome limited edition golden hat collection #003*

*I LOVE this gold color- hard to find glitter like this and looks awesome all over the nail as well!

The middle duo would be best if you want to try out this trend in a more subtle way- as the drama of this look generally comes from high contrast combinations.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dress up

Bored at midnight + Cycling cap raided from husbands closet + medal he won as a kid + gloves and top handed down to me from my mother-in-law + thrifted blue velour skirt =

I'm not even sure what this is!
But I do know that my favorite thing is this medal refashioned as a necklace! (And I'm not kidding either!)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fashion & Fun at work

So this is how my morning started out...

Debi Louden, resident style icon and cosmetics show-runner at Belk Savannah shown here channeling Coco Chanel! I love that when I asked to take her picture she flipped her pearls to the back a la Coco and struck a pose!

She just had her own way of doing things and I love it!

Had to capture a close-up of her Chanel-inspired earrings! Love it!

And here are the beautiful blondes of Chanel, looking very chic in their LBDs and pearls!

By the way, I am quite jealous of the gorgeous new counter remodel Chanel got...

Can you believe this makeup station with the side-lit mirrors and sleek chairs?? You'd feel like you've stepped back into old Hollywood getting your makeup done here!

Love this very graphic tweed-look surface of the case here!
One of the neatest details is how they've merchandised with CHANEL books, lipsticks, and of course those iconic double C's.

One of the coolest details is the tweed upholstered chairs and stools!

Chanel, among other things, became famous for her tweed jacket- the first was born in the 1920s....and the rest is history!